Lake Wenatchee,  June 20-23, 2003
Area: Wenatchee National Forest, WA
Trail clearing and course charting for the Dirty Face Dual Sport event, riding on the day of the event

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Another early day of riding, gearing up to depart from Jeff's house
Section A1, two track along the river.  I took this photo of Rob.  He's to the left, taking a photo of me, shown below.
I take a photo of Rob while he does the same to me.
Some of the group took the A course, while the rest of us rode the main course up to Deer Camp - location of the checkpoint 2.  We waited here for the other riders to arrive.
This view looks up the road to Maverick Saddle.
At Maverick Saddle.
At Maverick Saddle, looking towards Sugarloaf lookout
Riding up to the lookout.
Lake Wenatchee in the distance.
Jeff and a handlebar full of course ribbons.
Looking over the cliff at Sugarloaf.
A cold and Windy day at the lookout, quite a contrast of weather compared to 2 weeks ago when it was about 90 degrees while we were logging out the Gold Ridge Road.
I packed my saw again and as expected, we had more trees to clear out that had been blown down by the wind during the week
Holy Smokes!!!  Look at the size of this tree!!  It must have been about 22"+ in diameter.  I was sure glad I opted for the 18" bar on the chainsaw instead of a 16".  Cutting trees that fall across the road is very tricky due the fact that as the tree starts to weaken, the kerf closes up and pinches the bar of the saw.  If this tree pinched the bar, we'd be SOL (sure out of luck) due the the extreme size of this tree.  Rob used his magic touch and knew when to pull the saw out and start a new cut from underneath.
Rob moves to the other side of the tree and continues the cut.
View of all our bikes looking back up the trail behind the tree.
Rob started a second cut.
Once the second cut was complete we rolled the log downhill.
We encountered several more smaller trees. This group grabbed another tree and started sliding it downhill.
 I cut this tree out while the other riders worked on moving the tree in the distance.
The tree was hung up on something downhill so it wouldn't slide any further.  We finished the job by cutting it out.
Lunch at Ardenvoir.  Our lunch time discussion revolved around the windy conditions up in the mountains.  We all expressed concern that the wind may down more trees during the day or Friday night and block the Gold Ridge road again.  It was decided that Rob and myself would leave about 7am Saturday morning and pre-ride the main  course up until Ardenvoir to make sure all was clear.
Ardenvoir lunch break
Chumstick Mountain
This is looking down on the abandoned two track road where the rock slide turned it into a single track trail.
Rob and I arrived at Ardenvoir around 9:15 am.  We pulled up a chair and absorbed some of the warm sun that felt good after freezing cold up in the mountians.
The check point staff show us the secrets to scoring good on the game.
The first riders arrived just a few minutes after 11am.
At Ardenvoir I waited for my riding group to arrive and departed with them to finish the course.  Here's Spencer trying his hand at the golf ball toss. 
Dave B from Salem, OR
We stopped for a short break on the Moe Ridge Road.
Jon misses the bucket.
Spencer aces this checkpoint and gets a perfect score.
The day after the event, several of us went for a Sunday ride up the Chiwawa trail.
Trail clearing
Tim, Jeff and Spencer
I stuck around until Monday and went for a solo ride.  When I got up and saw a clear blue sky Monday morning I decided I had to go riding.
Deer crossing the road near Sugarloaf lookout.   Deer at the left side of road.
More deer.
I went down towards Ardenvoir to the Mad river road and went to the left (up the Mad River road.)  This is a view of Tyee Ridge.  I reviewed my maps and worked my way towards the lookout.
Another view of the lookout
At the end of the pavement a mile or two back, I turned left where I should have went right.  I ended up at this gate and a trailhead to what I believe is the 1413 trail.  I looked at my maps and discovered this trail would take me up to Tyee Lookout, so up I went.
Sugarloaf lookout in the distance, center of photo.
The trail goes through a burn area, so it is very loose and dusty.  The lookout is the black speck on top of the hill, to the right of center.
View of the ridge from the lookout
Stormy Mountain in the distance, the highest peak.
Lookout was still boarded up.  The brick enclosure behind my bike is a place to put a propane bottle for heating/lighting of the lookout.  Usually the lookouts have a gas RV style fridge and cookstove/oven salvaged from an RV.

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