Dirty Face Dual Sport, June 22, 23, 2002

The event was June 23rd.  Most of the photos below are from our check ride of the course on June 22nd when we pre-rode the course to mark it and ensure it was free of obstructions.  There are 59 photos on this page, so it will take a while for all of them to load.

Trail photos © 2002  Rob Boies.

Our group of 4 riders awoke at about 5:30am to start gearing up for a great day of riding.  At about 6:45am we jumped in Jonís truck and drove to the Rec Club for breakfast and sign up.  We saw lots of familiar faces and said ďHiĒ to those we recognized.  At about 7:15 we headed back to our campsite in North Lake Wenatchee State Park and finished gearing up for the ride.  A fifth rider joined us, so there was myself, Andy, Jon, Spence and Gary.  We hopped on our bikes and headed back to the Rec Club at about 8:15am. 

We completed the sound check and checkpoint 1.  This check involved the checkpoint staff placing a metal fruit jar ring with an attached rubber doo-dad on top of your helmet.  They place a golf ball on top of the rubber doo-dad.  The object is to ride up to a 5 gallon bucket and tilt your head to drop the golf ball into the bucket.  Jon aced it as usual and scored 40 points.  I score 40 points as well.  I thought my ball missed the bucket, but I guess I made it in.  We departed at about 9am and realized once we hit the dirt that it was going to be a very dusty day.  The weather started out partly cloudy and made for a cool morning.

After a short loop on some snowmobile/two track trails, we hit the pavement again and headed towards the Thousand Trails campground, then turned left and were on the dirt again.  After several miles of dirt road we arrived at Deer Camp where checkpoint 2 was setup.  This check consisted of a large target on the ground - a large circle with progressively smaller circles.  The object was to toss a crankshaft and land it in the smallest circle in the center of the target to score the highest number of points.  The crankshaft also had a connecting rod attached to it.  What happened when most riders tossed the crankshaft was it would roll for several revolutions then the connecting rod would rotate with the crank, catch in the dirt and stop the crank from rolling.  This was not the case when I tried.  I tossed the crank and it rolled for about 10 feet, coming to a stop completely outside of the target.  I scored a big 0 !!

We departed Deer Camp and headed up the Maverick Saddle road, this road is always a lot of fun going up as there are plenty of water bars to catch some air over.  Along the top of the ridge, the road straightens out somewhat, allowing us to go faster.  There are just enough turns to make the road really enjoyable.  Itís not uncommon to ride 40-50 MPH on this road.  We stopped at Sugarloaf lookout to take in the view and catch our breath after the fast ride across the top of the ridge.  Jon admitted to going 90 MPH on the ridge when he opened up his bike to test out the new exhaust and jetting changes he had made to his ATK 605 back at his shop in Omak.  He also said he had hit a dip in the road so hard that his front suspension almost bottomed out.  He showed me the dirt ring on his forks that proved he had almost bottomed.

After a short break and photo session we departed Sugarloaf lookout.  The ride was uneventful as we continued on to Chumstick Mountain.  We stopped again for a photo and video session.  The view was spectacular and there were no swarms of bugs surrounding us like there had been several years ago when the ride took us up to Chumstick.  We continued on the course and rode into Cashmere for another checkpoint.  We also gassed up here and grabbed a bite to eat.

The checkpoint consisted of three plastic jugs setup in row with about 25-30 between each jug.  The object was to ride past the jugs and drop in a clothespin.  Each jug had a smaller opening than the previous.  The first tub was worth 7 points, the second was 14 and the third was 21 points.  Jon, Gary and I all scored 21 points.

From Cashmere, the course split into an A (advanced) and the main course.  After a brief discussion of which part of the course to ride, Jon, Andy and Spence took the first A course option.   Gary decided to ride the main course as this was only the second time riding, so him and I geared up and departed with the plan of meeting the rest of our group where the A course rejoined the main course.  About 30 minutes later we were at the location where the courses rejoined, and we figured we had at least a 45 minute wait before the rest of our group would arrive.  We rode up the dirt road a few miles to the point where the A course trail came out on the road.  We took a few more video shots of riders coming up the trail to the road.  We also heard a few stories about the submerged DRZ400S.  Riders reported seeing it along side the trail with several people hovering over it working on it.  They also said the headlight was half full of water.

After about an hour of waiting, our group arrived and we continued on the course to the rejoin the main course several miles down the road.  We continued down a fun twisty paved road that took us to Highway 97 (the Blewett Pass Highway).  We turned north and rode for a few miles before turning left, this side road took us to Highway 2 where we turned left and headed towards Leavenworth.  At Peshastin we turned right and headed up Derby Canyon to Checkpoint 4.  We pulled a golf ball out of a bucket.  Each ball had a number on it.  The number was our score.  We had the option of pulling a second ball, hoping to maybe get a higher score.  Whatever the score of the second ball was is what we had to keep.  I pulled a 10 and opted to pull again and ended up getting a 23Ö.WOOHOOO!!!

At this checkpoint the course split again.  I advised our group that it was a fun route with the exception of a very long and steep uphill.  We all rode the main course, and this was the last time I saw Jon, Spence and Andy until we arrived back at the Rec Club.  They got so far ahead of Gary and I, that after about 3 miles of riding, we didnít even see their dust cloud.

We had a great time jumping over the water bars and enjoyed the twisty dirt roads.  We had a short pavement section that led us back to the Rec Club.  We arrived at about 3:30pm and completed checkpoint 5 by throwing a two darts at a board full of cards.  I scored my second 0 of the day, so I was out of the running for the good prizes awaiting us.  The Rec Club staff was busy grilling burgers and hot dogs for all of us hungry riders that returned with Dirty Faces.  There was plenty of food for all to enjoy and some very tasty homemade pies of several varieties.

Our camp, Gary's 28' Desert Fox toy hauler

My truck and 10' Wells Cargo

Saturday afternoon after I returned from pre-riding the course,
Jon arrived with his truck and trailer.


The check ride / trail marking crew arrived at the Lake Wenatchee
Rec Club ready to go out and pre-ride the course.


We rode into the parking lot of the Rec Club to say hi to those that camped Friday night


We arrive back at the road, stop for a moment and zero our trip odometers.

Todd, me (Doug) and Don (Trail Boss)






Here we are at the location of Checkpoint 1 - Deer Camp. 
The road ahead climbs up to Maverick Saddle.



Rob and Todd at Deer Camp


Up on top of Maverick Saddle, looking into the valley below.
The smaller lake to the right of the photo is Fish Lake, the large lake is Lake Wenatchee.


Doug, racing down the Maverick Saddle road.


View of the Lakes below



Don and Jeff


As we travel across the top of the ridge, we enter an area that burned a few years ago.


Doug and Todd's DR 350s

We stop for a break at Sugarloaf Lookout.


We couldn't have asked for a better view.



Further down the course we stopped at the top of Chumstick Mountain


Here we see Jeff blasting up the road in a wheel stand.








Doug arrives at the top of Chumstick Mountain


View from the top


We stopped at a local eatery in Cashmere for lunch,
here I am fumbling with my cell phone


From Cashmere we headed up Devil's Gulch trail, Red Hill trail and then onto the Sand Creek trail.
There were one or two small water crossing in the trail.


At two locations along the Sand Creek trail, we crossed Sand Creek.
  We know how the creek got its name:
The creek bottom is full of sand, though it was dry.


Steve descends into the creek bed




Doug, at the bottom of the creek bed


Doug going up the other side














Todd going up the other side


The second crossing was a bit more challenging.  The photos don't do the creek crossing justice - it is much steeper than it appears.  The idea is to start about where this photo was taken from, coast to almost the bottom, then gas it hard and climb out the far side.  The far side is a large deep "V" so we cut it down some and widened the trail bed.  I had trouble here and when I backed my bike down the hill it got away from me and the front tire and about half the bike were hanging off the logs over the left side.  I stumbled down into the creek bottom and rolled about 20' downstream.  It took three of us to drag my bike back up.  I then rode back up the other side an made another run at the hill


Steve climbing out the steep side








Rob's bike almost launched him to the moon!!


Here is my second attempt at the hill.


My front wheel briefly left the ground





WOOOHOOO!!!  I made it!








Todd.  Look at the loose dirt (sand) flying off his back wheel.


Todd, further down the trail







The photos below were taken on Sunday, the day of the event.


Starting checkpoint






Sugarloaf Lookout

Gary at Sugarloaf lokout

Spence at Sugarloaf lokout

Andy, Spence and Jon

Spence, Jon and Gary in Cashmere

Jon, winning a prize.

sitting around the campfire after the ride.




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