August 9, 1998 Lake Wenatchee dual sport

This was probably the best dual sport event course I have ridden.   I rode all of the hard course options, which consisted of the following single track trails:

Chikamin Tie Trail, Pond Camp Tie trail, Mad River trail, Blue Creek trail, North Tommy trail, Cougar Ridge trail,0
Tyee Ridge trail, Hunters trail, Middle Tommy trail, Blue Creek trail and Lost Lake trail.

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Somewhere on the trail, at a trail junction.  My clapped out DR 350 in the foreground.  Several times throughout the day I considered pushing it over the edge of the trail and hiking out because is was running very bad (it needed a motor rebuild.)  Oh, and the rear suspension was basically inop because of a leaking rear shock. Jon, somewhere on the trail
Klone Peak. That fat guy standing next to the sign is me before I lost 55 lbs.  ( I could barely fit into my riding gear that day) Another angle from Klone Peak.
Me and some of my riding buddies use Chatter Box radios to communicate.   While riding this event Jon and I discussed sending my bike home with him so he could rebuild the motor.  After the event I loaded the bike into his trailer and he kept it until the next event we rode, the 1998 Dual Star TTT on the second weekend of September.
Lunch stop


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