1999 Tarmac to Timberline

Dual Star's Tarmac To Timberline (TTT) September 11, 1999 - Central Cascade Mtns, (Highway 97, near Liberty) in Washington State. Undoubtedly one of Washington's best Dual Sport Events.  The main route is suitable for intermediate riders.  There were several single track trail options for the experienced riders who need a challenge.

This year we had four riders in our group.  We decided to take some of the more difficult trail options this year as one of the riders in our group had never ridden in this area before.  We knew we had to take him to the best viewpoints on the course, namely the Miller Peak trail.  Several of us have ridden the Miller Peak trail in the past but not as part of the event because it is very difficult in places.   These tough spots can consume a lot of time if several riders have trouble in the same area which usually leads to a bottleneck on the trail.  After having trouble at the expected areas we continued up to Miller Peak.  We stopped to enjoy the view, see the photos below of some more scenic spots.  By the time we reached Miller Peak it was about 12pm.  We were running way behind schedule.  We should have been at the lunch stop by this time but we hadn't even reached the first checkpoint on the course.   We continued on to the hard course bail out option and discussed what to do next, whether to bail out or continue on the trail section to lunch.  The folks working the course at the bail out said it was a lot shorter to run the trail so this is what we decided to do. We continued on the County Line trail where it joined up with Iron Creek Trail.  We turned down Iron Creek trail where further down the trail I dropped my trusty '94 DR-350SE in a weird switchback turn and broke a turn signal, which was the first one I've broke 12,000 + miles of riding the DR. We finally rolled into lunch at about 2:15pm (they were almost out of food) and talked about what route to take next.  Earlier in the day we had discussed taking the easy course back to camp and actually cutting out part of the course and continuing on to check point 4 near Lion's rock then dropping down the hill on the back roads to Liberty where the event started/finished.  Since we were real late getting into lunch and 3 of us were pretty well whooped after all the trail riding, we decided to take the short 12 miles on the highway directly back to camp.  We were the first riders back in camp, we rolled in at about 3:30pm.  In past years we never seem to get back before 5pm.  It was a nice to get back to camp earlier, clean up and relax for awhile before dinner and awards presentation.

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Camp, signup area
Jon giving the Wheel 'O points a big 'ole spin at checkpoint 1.  The wheel was marked with point values of 1-10.
Gnarly hill climb on the Teanaway Ridge trail.
We had to stop for a short break after the hillclimb to catch our breath and cool of for a few minutes.
At the Miller Peak trailhead
Jon, trying to conquer the S-turn switchback
On the Miller Peak trail, somewhere before the cut off to Miller Peak
Miller Peak is actually a little further up the trail that you can see in the background, but few people ever ride up that far because of limited parking.  Where we stop here is very hard to park the bikes too.
At Miller Peak, my DR-350
Miller Peak again, Jon and his ATK, my DR and Jon's KTM 400.
Hard course bail out option on County Line trail.
Lunch - Spence, Jon and Howard the Chef.
Enjoying our lunch in the shade.  At the far end of the table were some of the sweep riders.  The rode in right after us and got the last of the food.   When the sweep crew catches up to you, you know your WAY behind schedule.
Back at camp doing checkpoint 5, the horseshoe throw.  I always do better at this than Jon, this year was no exception.  I actually had high points for the day and got 1st place overall.
The TTT crew cooks up an optional barbecue dinner after the ride.  During dinner I played my helmet cam footage from Miller Peak trail.  Quite a crowd gathered and was awestruck at the clarity and action we captured on video.  The best part was when I nearly looped the bike and was saved by a tree, I had to rewind and replay this section about 4 times!!  


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