Essential items for dual sport riding

Part of the adventure of dual sporting is riding to some out of the way place, usually 70+ miles from nowhere. It is important that you carry enough tools, parts, etc. with you so that you can deal with most broken bike situations you may encounter while riding. While I have not needed most of the stuff I carry with me, I will continue to carry it. Because surely the first time I leave it behind in camp, I'll need it. It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

I have heard stories of riders losing a headlight from a large rock the rider ahead roosted at them, or it just burned out. They had to ride back in the dark, only using the taillight of the rider ahead to guide them along the route. I recommend carrying a spare bulb (still in the package) in your waist pack.  A flashlight can also be duct taped to some part of the bike to light up the trail ahead in situations like this, or replace the burned out bulb with the spare bulb.

Many times I have gone riding and been gone twice as long as originally planned, in these cases it's always important to have some sort of food items to snack on as the day progresses.

First and foremost, NEVER ride alone!!  Not only for safety reasons, but riding with a group is much more fun.

Print this listing for future reference.  Use it as a checklist when gearing up for your next ride.

Must have items:

Survival gear

Tire tools


Bike parts

Riding Gear

Other essentials

Overnight stuff

* These items are available from Dual Star Motorcycle Adventure Outfitters

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Updated 8/08/08