Trail ride, September 15, 2002
Area: Gifford Pinchot National Forest, near Randle, WA
Miles ridden: 49.5
Type of riding:  All single track and quad (ATV) trails

We parked not far from Randle, along FR 23.  Jeff and his KTM and my DR350.
Jeff ascending a hill.
There were three of us riding, Jeff, Tony and myself.  Here we are stopped near Mouse Lake for a break.
We spent most of the day riding above the clouds, in the 3000-5500' elevation range.
Tony and Jeff.  Yes, that IS a WA state license plate on the rear fender of Jeff's KTM (a 2003 EXC 450)
Mt Adams.
WOOOHOOO!!!!!!   Power sliding around the corner.
Jeff, road testing the KTM.  It passed the road test at 61.3 mph.
Yozoo trail.  The photos below are also along the Yozoo trail.  The fall colors are starting to prevail.
DOH!!!!  chain derailment.
Jeff and Tony
The horizontal line is the Yozoo trail.  This is a zoomed-in view of the previous photo.
The low spot above (the saddle) is where the trail meets the Bishop Ridge trail.
Yozoo/Bishop Ridge trail junction.  We went right and continued up Bishop Ridge.  My previous ride in this area we went left towards Blue Lake. 
A switchback that required us to get off our bikes and push them around the corner.
Back at the pavement, we took a shortcut and skipped a few miles of trail to get back to our trucks.

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