Trail ride, November 3, 2002
Area: Gifford Pinchot National Forest, near Randle, WA
Miles ridden: 32.8
Type of riding:  All single track and quad (ATV) trails

The saga began about Wednesday when discussion arose on the Washington DSR group about riding on Sunday.  Dan P. asked who would be interested in Riding the Randle (Blue Lake trail system) on Sunday.  Several riders expressed interest, but I didn't decided to ride until Saturday night when Andy called me about 7:30 PM and told me he had gotten his broken foot peg mount fixed that broke when him and I rode the Naches Jeep trail two weeks earlier.  I asked him if he was planning on riding Sunday and he said he was, so I decided I'd go too.  It made the most sense for us to take one truck so I told him I'd take my truck and Wells Cargo trailer.  We decided to meet at his place at 7:45 AM Sunday morning.  We planned on trying to be at the Mt Adams Cafe around 9:30 AM.

I awoke about 5:00 AM Sunday morning and fired up the computer to check some email and edit a few web pages.  About 6:45 Andy emailed me and said he was ready to go any time I was, so I figured maybe I should start loading up.  After about 5 minutes outside, my hands were starting to lose feeling while I was handling the trailer hitch and it's accessories, so I came back in for a few minutes.  The thermometer said it was 20 degrees outside.

I eventually got all my gear loaded and headed over to Andy's house which was about 2 minutes away. We loaded the bikes and stopped for snacks and bike gas, then headed south on Highway 161 towards Eatonville.  We arrived at the Cafe in Randle around 9:40 and went inside to introduce ourselves to the armada of riders who had met for breakfast around 9 AM.  A few minutes after 10 we departed the cafe and drove to the trailhead.

The group numbered 10.  We split into two smaller groups of 5 and discussed our route plan.  We noticed how dry the trail was so we recommended keeping a fair distance between each of as to not be riding in each other's dust cloud.

The first uphill trail section was a bit intimidating for some of us only because the trail was covered with leaves, which hid the rocks strewn about the trail.  We reached the top unscathed and continued on towards Blue Lake.

We parked at the Blue Lake ORV trailhead.  Andy and I had to park across the street from the ORV parking lot because the lot was full.
Most everyone else parked in the actual trailhead parking lot.
This is the parking lot, we are almost ready to ride.
We stopped for a break and regrouped at Blue Lake.
The next few photos were my attempts at action photography, but the digital camera I use isn't very good for this type of photography.  By the time the camera decides to snap the photo, the action is over, or almost out of view.
We stopped for another break and decided what route to take from here.  8 of us chose to ride the 118 and 119 trails to form loop back to Blue Lake, Tom and Mitch rode some trails near Jumbo Peak.  The trail crossed the road here.  I briefly thought about taking the hard course trails, but decided I've put my body through enough trail thrashing this year so I chose the easier trails.
This photo show the steepness of the hillside.

The photos below form a panoramic view starting from right to left.

The eight of us that took the 118 and 119 trails stopped for a break at a road crossing.
The White specks just left and below center of photo are a family of mountain goats.  There is also one just to the right of a tree near the left of the photo.  This is along the Yozoo trail.
This is the view looking back behind us.
Andy looking at the mountain goats.
Dan P enjoying the awesome trail.
Same location as above photo, looking ahead.  Dan is in the distance.
The next few photos are another attempt at panoramic photography, starting from left to right.
We stopped for another break at the junction of the Yozoo and Bishop Ridge trail.  We turned left here and went back to Blue Lake.

More panoramic, left to right again.

Back at Blue Lake.  Due to the low sun angle, it was really dark in the woods.

Panoramic of Blue Lake


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