Doug, Kevin and Andy's Big Adventure 2005 - Day 7: July 19, 2005


Day 7:  Tuesday arrived bright an early with not a cloud in the sky.

We planned our BIG ride for today and were eager to hit the trail because we expected it to be a long day of riding.  Also, Andy and  myself didn't want a repeat incident of this same ride we did last year (we ran in to snow, downed trees, then the chainsaw ran out of gas, I didn't have any food, my bike about ran out of gas, it started to get dark, then it got COLD!)

The highlight of the day was seeing the big tree that Andy and I notched out during our 2004 ride: The big tree

We encountered a few minor challenges in the trail, but overall had a very good ride.  The worst part was a steep and damp uphill filled with gnarly roots which gave all three of us difficulties.

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