Trail ride, April 26-27, 2003
Area: Lake Wenatchee area,
Miles ridden: about 70
Type of riding:  Single track and quad (ATV) trails, forest service roads


Prior to the trip, I did some major bike maintenance - swing arm removed
to check all of the bearings and seals
Throughout the weekend, we stopped plenty of times to do our share of tree clearing.  I think we cut enough trees to earn our "logging" merit badge.
More tree clearing
We also cleared some snow off the trail as well.
Branch and tree clearing again.
We took a ride up the Maverick Saddle road and this was the view.
Lake Wenatchee can be seen in the distance.
Close up, Lake Wenatchee and Fish Lake
Snow clearing.  It was bit deeper here, so the bike didn't want to go through it very well on it's own.  We mostly had to walk the bike trough while we stayed on the throttle.
Our camp

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