Lake Wenatchee,  June 6-7, 2003
Area: Wenatchee National Forest, WA
Trail clearing and course charting for the Dirty Face Dual Sport event

At Sugarloaf fire lookout, I stopped for a photo on my solo ride to test out the saw mount.  June 6, 2003
Tyee Ridge is the ridge to the left of the branch.  Stormy Mountain is the highest peak, just right of center.
Sugarloaf lookout
View from the lookout
June 7 we got an early start charting the course for the Dirty Face dual sport event.
Here's Jeff at the end of the section A2 where it rejoins the main course.
Rob at the end of the section A2 where it rejoins the main course.
Rounding the switchback at Maverick Saddle...this is where the Mad River trail begins.
Jeff and Mike rounding the bend.
Jeff and Mike
At Sugarloaf lookout parking area
Jeff, Don and Mike approaching the lookout.
Jeff and Don at the lookout
Me arriving at the lookout.
Don and Jeff
Me, Don, Jeff
Tyee Ridge just to the left of center, Stormy mountain, highest peak at the right of photo.  Tyee ridge is the site of another fire lookout.
Our bikes
 Sugarloaf Fire lookout, this is a view from the Gold Ridge side of the lookout.
 Closeup  view of Sugarloaf.
 At the beginning of the Gold Ridge road.
Part way down the Gold Ridge section of the course we had to do quite a bit of logging.  The road went through a burn area and looked like a war zone due to the number trees down.
It was very hot on this ride, so plenty of water was the order of the day and we all took turns with the logging chores. 
Same tree, other side
Yep, that path looks wide enough for a bike.
The previous weekend when Jeff and Don pre-rode this road, Jeff tried to go over this tree and his bike slid down the embankment
Jeff ended up down in the brush with his bike on top of him
Jeff walked down the hill to show us where he and the bike landed
When the logging chores were complete, we had cut about 20 trees off the road.  My new chainsaw was now well broke in.
We stopped for a break in Ardenvoir. 
 Next to Hidden Lake on the last A course trail of the route.

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