Ride report - June 15, 2002.
Starting point:  Lake Wenatchee, WA
Miles ridden: 170

Riders: Rob, Doug, Don, Jeff and Frank


Doug, Mission Ridge Trail


Doug, Mission Ridge Trail













Group Photo, Somewhere on the Mission Ridge trail


My 97 DR350, location: same as above photo


View across the Canyon from the Mission Ridge trail.




Doug, approaching the Mission Ridge / Devil's Gulch trail junction



Group photo at the trail junction


Further up the trail we encountered an large snow bank blocking our passage.  It was on a slight incline.  About half way up the snow bank, where the snow pack widens, the trail veers to the right.  We were able to drag our bikes through the snow and continue up the trail.


We each tried blasting our way through the snow, but only made it about 5 feet, then we had to drag our bikes.


Once we pushed our bikes through the big snow bank, we were able to ride through this smaller snow bank.

Jeff was the third rider to fight the snow bank.


Rob zooms up the trail after we all assist each other dragging our bikes through the snow.




Another snow patch to cross.  Rob and I assisted each other getting through the snow, then waited for the rest of the group to arrive.

Waiting for the rest of the group to arrive.  I shoot this photo of Rob while he shoot the photo below of me.

Don arrives and gets stuck in the same place Rob and I had trouble.

Don's bike sunk to the swing arm, then his chain de-railed.

We waited for more help to arrive.

Help has arrived.




At the top end of Mission Creek Trail, we arrive at the Liberty to Beehive Road.  Rob rides down the road to check out the view of the Wenatchee Valley below.  Visible just below the center of the photo is Wenatchee, WA.


We head up the road towards Haney Meadows and encounter a tree across the road. 



After about 15 minutes of logging, we continue up the road, obviously making first tracks past this point.

Rob tries his hand at logging and decides he'd much rather be riding. We all share the cutting duties to keep any one of us from getting worn out.  We rotate every three or four minutes, working two saws.


Looking back down the road from where we logged out the road....our bikes.


OOPPSS!!!!  Rob stopped to pick up a dime he saw in the snow, or was it a quarter?
Right where the tree was we had a large hump in the snow to cross.  Rob tried powering through the snow and got a little sideways and went down.


Looking at the snow bank from the up hill side.

We continued up the hill towards Haney Meadows and cut off the main road on a Jeep trail that dropped town towards Ellensburg.


We stopped at Rossow's Drive-In in Ellensburg for a bit to eat.  It was about 4:30pm


After we departed Ellensburg we took a single lane paved road that leads up to Table Mountain.  At the top, the road splits, one way leads to Liberty, the other goes to Lion's Rock.  We headed out towards Lion's Rock and then towards Haney Meadow with the plan of riding Tronson Ridge Trail.  We had many more large snow banks to cross.  Elevation: 6000 - 6100 feet.  Last year this road was snow free on Memorial Day Weekend...not so this year after the heavy snows of the 2001-2002 winter.  Once again we were making first tracks though the area beyond where this photo was taken.



Rob takes the high route around the snow.


This road Tee's into the Liberty to Beehive Road.  At the T we decided to scrap the planned ride over Tronson Ridge trail since it was getting late.  Instead, we went towards Liberty.  About a mile or two from the T is another T in the road, we went right which took us to the summit of Blewett Pass and rode the highway back to Lake Wenatchee.










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