Riding in the Little Naches Rec area:

Jeff riding up a really steep, loose hill in trail 943a in the Little Naches Rec Area. 8/4/01


Same hill, about 2/3 the way up.


Same hill, Jeff about 3/4 the way up, and trying to keep from looping out.


Top of trail 943a where it joins the Manastash Ridge trail.


On Sunday, 8/5 we rode over the hill on the Naches Jeep trail.  Here we are at Government meadows.



Riding in the Lake Wenatchee area on Labor Day Weekend 2001:


Trail junction, possibly on the Mad River trail.


Mike on the Lower Mad River trail


Scouting ahead on the Lower Mad River trail.  We had to stop several times and clear small trees off the trail.


Checking the map for a road route back to Lake Wenatchee.  We are still on the lower Mad River trail, about 6 miles into the trail we came to a big tree across the trail (see the red circle).  There was no way we could get around it.  We scouted the trail further ahead and found more trees down.  Clearly this trail has seen very little (if any) use in the last few years beyond this point.  We turned around and went back to a trail junction.  An uphill trail took us to a dirt road, we followed it to the paved road at Pine Flats campground, which led back towards Ardenvoir.  We then rode back over Maverick Saddle to Lake Wenatchee on dirt roads.


Wide angle shot of same area shown in photo above.


Me crossing a bridge.


This must not have been our weekend for riding because every trail we tried to ride we found trees blocking our path.  We built a small approach and departure ramp to allow us to pass safely.


Same tree as above, photographed from the uphill side.


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