Greenwater, Forest RD 70, May 12, 2002

I parked my rig about a half mile off highway 410 at a large roadside parking area along Forest Road 70, which is about 2 miles east of Greenwater.  I was geared up and in the saddle by about 10:30am.  This road will take you to the top of Pyramid Pass and then you can tie into roads that will drop down the east side of the Cascades into the Little Naches Recreation Area.  You can also continue on RD 70 until you find the Naches Jeep Trail.  During the summer months, this makes an excellent day trip...up over the Naches Trail, down to the Little Naches Rec. area, hop on highway 410 for a short jaunt (about 3 miles) to Whistlin' Jacks for lunch and then return.


This is the view from my door step, looking down the road to the east.  As you can see, I have a nice view of the mountains.  Often times, simply the sight of these mountains on a beautiful day like today is enough to give me the urge to go riding.  This picture was taken late in the afternoon.  We had a high temperature of 78.8 degrees, and it made an excellent day for riding.

Traveling up forest road 70, it was evident by the amount of snow on the mountains in the distance that I wouldn't make it very far into the high country
Mt. Rainier
The road in the distance is FR 70. in the lower left, and near the top.  Near the top of the photo, you can see that the road is still snow covered.  Just as I approached the snowed in area, I came upon several trucks with snowmobile trailers.  I turned around and headed back down and explored a few side roads.
More snow.  I came through this snow bank and was only able to go about another 100 feet before seeing a larger, deeper snow drift, so I turned around, headed back down and snapped this photo.

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