Riding in the Greenwater and Little Naches Rec area July 26, 2002:
Map of route:  Taneum Our route is marked in purple, we followed the trails and roads that the purple line is adjacent to, though this map only shows our trails once we reached the Little Naches Rec area.

Rob and myself trailered our bikes to FR 70, parked and rode up FR 70 and jumped on the Naches Jeep Trail and followed it over to FR 19 in the little Naches Rec area.  We discussed some trail options and decided to ride trail 943 and take the 943A split (the easier route) up to Manastash Ridge.

Trail 943 is 4.5 miles long, 943A is 2.5.  Once we were on top of the ridge, we headed east on the Manastash Ridge trail (#1388) and continued down it for 17.7 miles to Quartz mountain, and then several miles further until we reached trail 949, we rode it for a few miles until we reached the first road crossing, then continued down on the road..  It took us about 3 1/2 hours to do all the trail sections not including the Naches Jeep Trail.  We totaled about 30 miles or so of single track trail.

 It was cloudy and misty up on top, our goggles were hard to see through so we had to keep stopping to wipe the mist off of them.
Here we are at the point where we started the Naches Jeep trail, on FR 7030.

This photo show the Naches Jeep trail on the Little Naches side, near the end of the trail.

Close up view of photo above.  We are approaching FR 1913.
Shown ahead is a log bridge.

Smooth dirt road makes up portions of the Naches trail,
other parts are strewn with rock and tree roots.

We arrived at FR 1913

This photo shows a trail sign, it indicates the direction of the Blazed Ridge Trail.
This is up on the Manastash Ridge trail.
This sign is hard to read, but is in the same location as the photo above.  It identifies Manastash Ridge trail, and points the way to Blowout Mountain (to the right) and Quartz Mountain 7 miles to the left
same sign, with the camera's flash turned off.
Same location as the photos above.
Same as above
Further down the Manastash Ridge trail
Same view, different camera positioning.  As you can see, the trail is right on top of the ridge here - it drops off on both sides.
Junction of Manastash Ridge and trail 948
Nice wide trail - Manastash Ridge trail.
Hmmmm.. this is a very descriptive sign!!
To the left is an easier route, right is MOST DIFFICULT.  I chose the left option

Same description as photo above, but this is a different intersection.
This shows the two options described by the photo above.
There are several photos missing, that will be  placed here when my film returns from the photo processor in a week or so.  I had several shots remaining and tried to use up the film in it so I didn't use my digital camera again until we dropped back down off the ridge onto FR19
FR19, Little Naches River.  Looking West
really bad camera angle - this is a result of trying to snap a photo while not looking through the viewfinder because I was too lazy to remove my goggles and helmet
FR19, Little Naches River.  Looking East
I was too lazy to remove my goggles and helmet again
Our traditional stop - lunch at Whistlin' Jacks.  It's about 15 miles of dirt road, then about 10 more of pavement on FR 19 and a few miles down highway 410.  By all highway, it would be about a 54 mile ride to get here via Hiway 410 over Cayuse and Chinook Passes.
After lunch, we went back up FR 19 and rode back the easy route, all dirt roads.  All of the photos below were taken along FR 19.
FR 19, we are just passing Kaner Flats campground on the right.

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