Riding in the Greenwater and Little Naches Rec area August 3, 2002:

Andy and myself trailered our bikes to FR 70, parked and rode up FR 70 and jumped on the Naches Jeep Trail and followed it over to FR 19 in the little Naches Rec area.  We checked out all of the hot camping areas along FR19 and then continued on to Whistlin' Jacks for a bite to eat.

We discussed some trail options and decided to hop on the road across the highway from Whistlin' Jacks and ride it to the end, where we'd catch a single track trail that leads to some Jeep trails.  We had a lot of fun on the Jeep trails, but didn't find our destination of getting to Quartz Mountain.  We became entangled in the web of Jeep trails, and couldn't find the right trails that would have led us to Quartz Mountain.


Lunch stop at Whistlin' Jacks

Meadow where the single track trail ends at a Jeep Road.

Same meadow.
Junction in the jeep trails.  Manastash Lake to the right, Milk Lake to the left.
We went to the left

Smooth dirt road makes up most of the Jeep trails, but
parts are strewn with rock and tree roots.

We encountered a fair amount of 4x4 traffic on the Jeep trails.

I've ridden this rock strewn hill climb about 5 times in the last 6 years, but always forget which is the easiest way up, so we stop to investigate.
We decided the easiest route was to take the left side (as shown in first photo).  Here I am, standing at that route, looking back towards our bikes.
Andy takes a run at the hill.  Most of the road was
 strewn with the large rock you see in the foreground of this photo
Further down the trail.
Rock strewn water crossing, with hill climb.
Hill climb after crossing the water.  It was an easy short hill....nothing difficult or technical, other than dodging the rocks just after coming out of the water.  We stopped for a short break, then decided to get going again before we got eaten alive by a swarm of mosquitoes
Very unique trail repairs here.
Yes, these are old military tank tracks laid out on the trails.


Another stop for a quick break
Same as above
We finally arrived back at Highway 410 after nearly getting
 lost on the Jeep trails.  It was about 7pm.  We went back up 410 to
FR 19,then took dirt roads back up over Pyramid Pass.

Near the top of Pyramid Pass
Overlooking an area near Government Meadows on Road
 7030 (top of Pyramid Pass) The highest Peak in the center
 of the photo is Raven's Roost.  This peak is accessible
 by dirt road, it's a 14 mile ride from FR 19.
Wide angle view of earlier photo of Raven's Roost
It was starting to get dark by the time we arrived back at our trucks at 8:20pm.

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