Trail ride, August 25, 2002

I was parked at a camping area located in the Little Naches Recreation area as part of an Enduro event.  I planned on doing a ride which has now become an annual group ride that starts in Cle Elum, but I needed to ride from Naches to the start point in Cle Elum. I departed Naches at 6:20am for the ride over to Cle Elum via Green Pass and Tacoma Pass.  The intent was to head to Easton via FR 41 but I turned left instead of right due to no signs marking FR 41 where it intersected FR 52 so I ended up going towards  Stampede Pass instead of towards Tacoma Pass. Several miles down the road I recognized the terrain and realized I was heading towards Stampede Pass.  I decided to continue on rather than turn back.

At I-90 I headed east and my super low geared DR screamed for mercy as I cruised along at 62-63 MPH along the interstate where the speed limit is 70.

I arrived at Bills place at 8am and was concerned that I was either late, or that I arrived on the wrong day...this was because no one else had arrived yet, and the garage door was still closed where Bill keeps his bikes.  After a minute or so I saw Bill at the front door sporting a red riding jersey, so I knew I was just early.  I had already clocked 54.7 miles by the time I reached Bill's place.  The grip heaters on my scoot kept my hands warm on the early morning ride over the hills (two mountain passes).

Cle Elum (our start point) is a small town located in Central WA, along Interstate 90 just east of Snoqualmie Pass.



View of the sunrise from Green Pass, about 6:45 am.
Our group, just prior to departure.  Bill, Scott, me (Doug), Monty and Ed.
Since I had already ridden 50+ miles before the group departed, we stopped at a Texaco between Cle Elum and Roslyn so I could gas up .
Monty crossing the Teanaway River.  Crossing this river was not part of our original plan but we were forced to due to some obstacles on the road a few miles back. We had to detour down a different road, which ended up being a dead end.
Crossing the Teanaway River
Ed crossing the Teanaway River
Miller Peak / Iron - Bear trail head.  From here we rode
up the Iron - Bear trail to the 4 way junction.
Bill posing in front of the trail head sign.  I was confused
about the trail's name (Iron - Bear) as I've always known this
as the Bear Creek trail.  Did the name recently change?
  I'm not sure,  because this is a new sign, and I don't ever remember paying attention to the previous sign, if there ever was a previous sign here.
At the top - the infamous 4 way intersection.  My DR in the foreground, Ed, Monty's  yellow DRZ 400 S just beyond my bike.  Bill is in the shade wearing the red jersey.  Just to the right of Bill is the Teanaway Ridge trail, and further to the right is the Iron creek trail.  We went down the Iron Creek Trail.
Lunch at Mineral Springs Resort
All five of us.  Bill, Monte, Scott, Doug and Ed
My DR and Bill's XR 400.  The other riders were behind the
 resort gassing up their scoots.
After lunch we headed up highway 97 for a few miles and took a left
 turn onto the old Blewett Pass road which is a fun narrow paved
road full of twisties.  At the top of old Blewett we hopped onto
a dirt road which led us to trail 1226, the County Line trail.  I have never ridden this section of the trail until today.
After encountering some nasties in the trail, I decided I'd probably
never ride this trail again.  It was a challenge for all of us to get up this hill due to all of the roots in the trail.  Part of the problem was probably due to my nearly worn out rear MT21 tire.
Same hill
Looking back down the trail.  This is Ed's KTM 520
Near the top of the first hill section.  Ed and Bill.
Ed, Monty on h's DRZ and Scott
Action photo of Monty
Further up the trail, looking back behind me.  Monty and Ed
On the County Line trail is a very loose downhill.  This is near the bottom.
Some serious sidehill action here.
Some nasty dark clouds were moving in from the north,
 but stayed away from where we were riding.
More sidehill action here.
The last steep climb up to Miller Peak.
Opppssss.... someone dropped their scoot just as they came around the corner (to protect the innocent, I won't mention any names.)
Final approach to Miller Peak
Scott, Bill, Monty, Ed
Back at the Miller Peak / Iron - Bear trailhead
Back at Bill's place - 6:45 PM.  Scott, Bill, Ed
I spent the night at Bill's place and rode back to Naches on Monday morning.  Here is a view of a bridge along RD 41 that is standing in the middle on nowhere.  Some years ago (prior to 1996) the road washed out.
The only route across the washout is through the creek.  It can only be crossed when the water is low.

Upon my return to Naches I had completed 4 days of riding and traveled 300.8 miles on the bike

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