Trail ride, September 8, 2002
Area: Greenwater to Little Naches Recreation Area
Miles ridden: 103.1
Type of riding:  Gravel Forest Service roads, jeep trails and single track.

Unloading and gearing up to ride.
Andy's XT 350, my DR350 and Gary and his DR350
Same as above, plus Jeff's awesome trail machine - a 2003 KTM 450 EXC (with less than 100 miles on the ticker)
We stop for a break at Government Meadows.
Andy, Jeff, Gary
at the bottom of the big downhill on the Naches Jeep trail.  The hill is behind me.
Cruising along the eastern portion of the Naches Jeep trail
We stop briefly at the 1913 road crossing while riding the Naches Jeep trail. 
After the Naches Jeep trail, we took trail 941.  We stopped here to repair a flat tire on Andy's bike.
Andy found Nature's perfect bike stand - a small tree stump
Tire repair
We found the culprit that caused the tube damage,
a plastic rim protector was inside the tire!!
We arrived at Whistlin' Jacks around 1:45 and ate lunch.
Jeff and Gary
Jeff, Andy and Gary
Next we se some young kid drive up in this smashed late model Chevy Blazer.
As bad as it looks, it was still driveable.
Hopefully he had insurance because the vehicle is most likely a total loss.
Apparently they were screwing around somewhere up in the hills and obviously the rig rolled onto the passenger side, then hit a tree, causing the roof and passenger doors to cave in.
End of the road, at the trailhead after lunch.  Gary, Jeff, Andy
Andy emerging from the trees
Gary emerging from the trees.
Jeff and Gary.
We took a trail that led us to Manastash Lake and found this great big rock slab.  It's much like something you'd see in Moab, Utah.  We couldn't ignore the challenge and we all rode up it.
Andy, near the top.
Manastash Lake.  There is a nice clearing at the lake shore which would make a great spot to camp.
After leaving lunch we rode up the dirt road across the highway from Whistlin' Jacks and went to Manastash Lake Via Jeep roads.  We rode some additional Jeep trails, then made our way down the hill towards Naches and found trail number 965.  Andy hit a rock and is repairing his rear brake lever here.
The trail parallels a massive landslide area and crosses it a few times.  For a short distance, the trail goes  through the middle of the land slide area in the section.
Gary pushing his bike.  Jeff and Gary pulled their bikes under the tree behind Gary.  Andy and I took a high trail that went above the downed tree.

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