Trail ride, October 19, 2002
Area: Greenwater to Little Naches Recreation Area
Miles ridden: 59
Type of riding:  Gravel Forest Service roads, jeep trails and single track.

I departed home at about 7:05am for a much anticipated ride Saturday morning.  The plan was to meet Dave B. (from the Oregon_DSR) and Kevin J. from Kent, WA at the Greenwater store around 8-8:30am.  My hopes for a dry ride were getting drenched because it was drizzling the entire drive to Greenwater.  I stopped to gas up the truck and buy some trail snacks.  I hit the highway and arrived in Greenwater at about 8:15am and found Kevin and Dave waiting for me.  Dave was napping, so I tapped on the window to wake him.  We chatted for a few minutes and then continued up the highway a few miles to FR 70.  We drove up FR 70 to where the pavement ended and decided to drive up to the top of Pyramid Pass.  The thinking was that if we drove further up the road, we’d have less riding in the drizzle.  We parked about a half mile from the Naches Jeep Trail trailhead at FR70.  We discussed the options for getting to the east side of the mountains and decided to go part way via the Naches Jeep trail (trail #684).

The drizzle made for a dust free ride, but it was a bit slippery while riding the trail.  At the first road crossing we turned left and continued down via the forest roads.  This allowed us to bypass some tougher sections of the trail.  It had been several years since I had ridden this route, so I ended up missing a few turns and ended up on dead end roads.  We eventually arrived back on road 1914 and then decided to take the pavement (FR19) east instead of continuing on the Jeep Trail.  By this time we were in nicer weather and the roads were dry.  A few miles down the road we came to trail 941 and decided to ride it.  Trail 941 is marked as an easy trail that parallels FR19.  We continued along the trail for several miles and had plenty of dust to contend with now that we were in the “dry” side of the state.  We had a good rip down trail 941 until we came upon a few tight switchbacks that were tricky to navigate because of the 6 inches of loose dirt in the turns.\

Our next obstacle was a down tree across the trail.  Dave scooted down the side hill around the tree and got stuck in a hole made by other riders.  We all parked our bikes and helped drag Dave’s bike up the hill onto the trail.  I did good to get my bike around the tree on the trail, but first a protrusion on the tree knocked by bike out of gear, once I got the bike back in first gear, then the left foot peg snagged on the same protrusion of the tree.   Rocking the bike back and forth I was able to get the foot peg around the tree while not sliding off the trail.

A short distance down the trail we decided we’d had enough trail riding and continued down FR19.  Several places along trail 941, it crosses roads and connector trails that lead to FR19.  We used one of these side roads to connect back to FR19. 

We stopped at a few locations along FR19 for photo opportunities.  At about 11:45am we arrived at Whistlin’ Jacks for lunch.  Several options exist for lunch at Whistlin’ Jacks, they have a deli in the store and a nice restaurant.  You can also go into the bar and order a limited selection from the menu as well. There is also gas available here. We ordered sandwiches from the deli and bought some munchies from the store.  45 minutes later we were back on the road, heading up highway 410 towards FR19.

We rode trail 941 again and stopped for a few “Kodak Moments” along the way.  After a few miles of trail we bailed out to FR19 and blasted up the pavement to FR1913 to hit the Naches Jeep Trail again.  This time we rode the major portion of the trail, 7 miles of it.  A few places I had difficulty on some of the up hills because my bike was running poorly at higher RPM’s.  Once we got to the higher elevations towards the west end of the trail we were back in the drizzly weather and fighting the mud-laden trail.  We broke out into a small clearing and stopped for a few photos and saw a double rainbow to the North.  After several photos, we were on our way again.  The trail was still dry for about the next 2 miles, then started to get a little bit damp.   

Parts of the trial are crossed with tree roots, so riding was a bit challenging when they were damp and slippery.  The wooden bridges were slick to, so we used caution when riding across them.


Bike loaded and trailer stashed in garage for safe storage on Friday night.  Riding gear placed on trailer ready to go in the morning.
Because of the drizzly weather, we decided to drive up to the top of Pyramid Pass and park our rigs and unload.  This allowed us less riding in the wet weather.  We parked about a half mile from the where the Naches Jeep trail crosses Forest Road 70
Naches Jeep Trail at the summit of Naches Pass.
The trail was a bit slippery in places because of the drizzly weather.
We only rode the upper portion of the Naches Jeep trail, then we continued down the east side via USFS roads.  Once we reached Road 19, we continued down it towards highway 410.  Here we decided to hop on trial 941, which parallels Road 19.
Along trail 941 we encountered a large rotten tree that had fallen across the trail,  We were able to go around the tree after moving a few broken tree limbs out of the way.
Oregon DSR's Dave B.
We stopped along Road 19 for a photo op.  The Little Naches river is behind us.
Very little water was flowing down the river.  This shot is looking down river, towards highway 410 (southeast).
Looking up the road from the direction we came.
Looking upriver.
Upriver view.
Lunch stop at Whistlin' Jacks.  We ate lunch in the deli.  There is also a very nice restaurant here as well as fuel.
Bridge over the Little Naches River.
We decided to ride up the Naches Jeep trail.  As we rode west we could see we'd be in the drizzle again.
Same location as the photo above, looking up the trail.
Same location as above photos, looking back down the trail.
As we approached Government Meadows, we were in the drizzle again.  Our goggles and glasses kept fogging up and it was hard to see.  The trail was slippery too.

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