November 2, 2002
Area: Greenwater, WA
Miles ridden: 35
Type of riding:  Various USFS roads and a small portion of the Naches Jeep trail

I started by riding up road 70 until it ended just past the trail head to the Naches Jeep trail shown in the photo at the bottom of this page.  At the road end there was a short uphill Jeep trail that I decided to investigate.  It dropped onto road 7038 on the east side of the pass.

I encountered quite a few road hunters driving around looking for wildlife.  I'm sure they must have thought I was crazy for riding up their in the cold.

I continued down road 7038 until in connected with road 1914, then I took a left turn up 1914 to see where it went.  There were a few spur roads off of it. I checked 795 and found that it dead ended.  1914 dead ended as well.  I returned to the 1914/7038 junction and continued on 1914.  A short distance was a road to the right, which is the same road that Dave, Kevin and I used two weeks ago to bypass the hill climb section of the Naches Jeep Trail.  I went up the road and found that it dead ended about a mile or so past the Naches Jeep trial.

I debated which route to take back to the west side of Naches Pass, and decided to take the Jeep trail since it was shorter, and would be easier to battling the snow covered downhill road required to get me back to road 1914 below. 

I don't know what the temperature was, but is was plenty cold all day long.  I dressed warm and didn't have any problem staying warm with the exception of my feet getting cold.  They were pretty cold by the end of the ride.

My hands stayed plenty warm because I ran my grip heaters on high the entire ride and was only wearing light weight motocross style riding gloves.  I would highly recommend that everyone install a set of grip heaters on their bikes.  I've been using them since 1994 and would never own another bike without them.

This photo and the ones below
Panoramic view of previous photos.
East side of Naches Pass, on road 7038
Riding this hard packed snow resulted
 in a pucker factor of 12 on a scale of 1-10.
Awesome view from road 1914, looking northeast
Near the Naches trail where is crosses a road.
The highest peak in the distance is Raven's Roost.
Below this point on the Naches trail I talked to a new DRZ400S owner, and an owner of a new Suzuki 400Z atv (quad).
Wide angle view, same as above photo.  From here I got on the Jeep trail and rode it back over the pass to road 70.
Raven's Roost in the background
One of the many bridges that cross fragile meadow areas.
At the summit of Naches Pass
Naches Jeep trail.  Some areas that had seen sunlight were melted, or completely dried out, but most of the trail was in the shade all day, and was snow covered and frozen solid.  Since our last ride here on October 20, the only precipitation was the snow seen here.  That was followed by a stretch of extremely cold weather, with clear skies all day and night.
Trail head of the Naches Jeep trail.  From here I road back to the truck on FR 70.

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