Naches "Dirty Dozen" ride, November 24, 2002
Area: Greenwater to Naches
Miles ridden: 80.6
Type of riding:  Forest Service roads, single track and Jeep trails.

Twelve of us met at the end of FR70 at 9am for an action packed day of riding.

6:15am I was sitting at my computer working on some GPS routes for the ride and called Jeff to arrange our meeting place.  He didn't answer so I assumed he was outside loading his scoot into the truck. About 6:45 am or so my phone rang.  I assumed it was Jeff calling me.  I was quite surprised to hear Gary's voice on the phone asking me when I was leaving to go riding and where to meet the group.  I filled him in on the details. He said he still needed to stop and buy some trail snacks and planned to do it at the Safeway in Enumclaw.

About 20 minutes later I left the house and went to Andy's house to pick him up and load his bike.

Our planned route was to go up FR 70, over Pyramid Pass on roads, hit trail 941 to bypass most of the pavement of FR19 and then go to Highway 410 and have lunch at Whistlin' Jacks.  I had mapped out several options for riding after lunch, but what we rode after lunch depended on what time we finished lunch.

Riders present:

Andy, Craig, Dan, Doug, Ed, Jeff, Gary, Tom, Scott, Greg S., Greg H. and Wade.

Most of us had never ridden together before so we introduced ourselves at the "rider's meeting." 

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Riding gear was scattered all over the floor of trailer.  First order of business was to sort it out and make sure it was all accounted for, then put it in the gear bag.
Bike almost ready.  Still need to reinstall side panel that I removed in order to charge the battery with a trickle charger.
Trailer out of garage and ready to go.
Bike loaded.
Hitch ball needed a fresh coating of grease.
Truck and trailer ready to roll - 7am Sunday morning
Crystal clear skies revealed the mountains to the east - this meant an awesome day of riding awaited us, although it would be COLD!!!
Not a very good picture, but Mt Rainier can be seen in the distance as we crested the hill on highway 410 in Bonney Lake, WA.
From the highway I spotted Gary's truck in the Enumclaw Safeway parking lot.  I pulled in and within a few minutes Gary came out of the store with a sack of trail snacks.  Jeff and Tom pulled in behind me.  A few minutes later we were on our way to Greenwater.
We arrived at then end of Road 70 about 9am and proceeded to unload and gear up.
After we were geared up and ready to ride, we had a brief riders meeting to describe our route and introduce each other.

We headed up FR 70 and regrouped at the top of the hill where FR 70 turns onto road 7080 - see photo below

After a short break to warm up our hands we headed towards the Naches Jeep Trail.
Dan's new 2002 DRZ400E in the foreground.  Just above the headlight of Dan's DRZ is Gary in the background shooting a photo of me.
Every bridge was slicker than a skating rink.  Gary stopped midway on this bridge to snap a photo.
Not a very good example of my photographic abilities due to the low sun angle.
The Jeep trail passes through this clearing.
Jeff and Tom.
We continued on the Naches trail after it crossed FR 1913 and we ended up at FR 19.  We decided to catch trail 941 which starts just ahead on the opposite side of the road.
After blasting through the woods on trail 941 we were ready for lunch so we hit the pavement for a quick ride to Whistlin' Jacks.
Jeff and Tom gassed up their matching pair of '03 KTM 450 EX/Cs
We contemplated for a while after lunch about where to ride after lunch.  Finally we decided to go up the Forest Service road across from Whistlin' Jacks and do the Devil's Slide trail.  This trail lead to the network of Jeep Roads on top of Manastash Ridge.  This photo was taken at the end of the road at the trail head.  We stopped for a while to warm up.  We froze our ^%@# anytime we were riding on roads.  I'd estimate that in the high country, the temperature was well below 40 degrees F.  It was most likely  below freezing.
Majestic Mt Rainier.
Devil's Slide trail.  This trail is about two miles long.
The trail ends in a clearing at the top of Manastash Ridge.  The Jeep road goes to the left and right.  We went left (west) and rode a short distance before dropping down off the ridge on Jeep road #686.

Craig's shift lever broke so we tried to modify the remaining piece.  We gave up and decided that any more bending of the lever (which was aluminum) may just break it again.

Same area, different photo angle.
This is where Jeep Road #686 drops down off the ridge.  686 is actually a Jeep trail that branches off the main road on top of the ridge.  The main road continues on into the trees.
This is the view to the left of the previous two photos.
The next challenge is this steep downhill.  There are several Jeep roads that lead down the hill, some offer a better chance of survival than others.  The two previous times we rode here, traction was very minimal due to the extremely dry conditions of the trail.

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