Trail ride, June 28, 2003
Area: Little Naches Recreation Area
Miles ridden: 49.7
Type of riding:  Jeep, two track and single track trails

A group of three met in Naches for a day of riding.  Andy and I drove over with our bikes in tow on Friday afternoon and did a short ride up the Naches Jeep trail.  My brother Jeff came up Saturday morning and the three of us did some trail riding.

Driving up Chinook Pass
Snow along the road going up Chinook Pass
Mt Rainier
A view of Raven's Roost from the Naches Jeep Trail.
Andy at Whistlin' Jacks
Somewhere on a single track trail leading up to Manastash Ridge.  We were on the trail that passes by Milk Lake
Milk Lake
Near the lake was a small parking area, we stopped here for a few minutes for a break.
Once the trail ends, it becomes a Jeep road.  this is at the bottom of a very steep hill that is the last climb before reaching the top of Manastash Ridge.  The least steep route is the trail to the left.
Once we arrived at the ridge, we followed it east and then dropped down the 1350 trail to Manastash Lake.
We stopped at Manastash Lake for a break and photo shoot.
Another view of the lake.
From Manastash Lake we followed a trail to Lost lake and took a right at a trail junction near the lake.  It took us northeast towards I-90.  We followed a few dirt roads and made our way to the top of Frost Mountain.  There used to be a fire lookout here, but all that remains are concrete footings.
We descended Frost mountain and followed a few more dirt roads which lead us to some more trails.  We ended up on a trail that took us up to Quartz Mountain.  This photo was taken where the trail joins up with a Jeep road.  The road took us up to Quartz Mountain. 
There was a small snow bank at the top of Quartz Mountain.
From Quartz Mountain we headed east on the jeep trail.... this has been added to my list of "trails I will never ride again"  The Jeep road is OK for the first mile or more other than a few steep down hills, then it crosses through a rock garden.  The rocks are large, sharp and jagged and are no fun to ride a bike over.

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