Big Adventure 2005 - Day 2: Naches trail ride - 07-14-05

Where do I even begin… this was such an awesome vacation, it’s hard to express in words the amount of fun I had . 

The plan had been in the works since about February and we modified the dates a bit here and there.  Finally Andy and I decided on July 17th-31st.  I started a few days earlier and left for Naches on July 13th and met up with some friends for a few days of riding.  The original plan was for Andy and myself to at Naches from the 13th-17th, but Andy’s vacation dates had to be modified, but since I mostly have all summer off work, I kept the Naches dates in my plan. 

The trip didn’t start out well.  I arrived in Enumclaw to meet up with Jeff and then fill up with gas at Safeway and get a few last minute food supplies. Shortly after arriving,  I noticed that the truck was 500 miles from being due for an oil change - DOH!! this was not good since I would be traveling nearly 1000 miles doing ALL trailer towing in very hot temperatures, going over nearly every mountain pass in Washington State at least once: Cayuse Pass, Chinook Pass, White Pass twice, Manastash Ridge, Blewett Pass twice, Snoqualmie Pass and Tiger Summit.  I spied a GM  quick lube across the street at the local Chevy dealer, so I headed over there and Jeff continued on to Naches to stake out a camping spot.

After getting the truck taken care of I was on my way.  Jeff had found the perfect camp spot along the Little Naches River and we arranged our rigs in a “circle the wagons” fashion.  We set up camp and relaxed for a while, then decided to go for a short ride up towards Raven’s Roost to make the obligatory cell phone calls announcing to our friends that we were camping and riding!!  Upon completion of the calls, we headed back to camp and prepped for dinner and then setup the big screen theater.

Over the previous winter I’d done a few major mods to the RV’s entertainment system which included:

  1. Replacing the stereo with one that plays MP3 CDs.

  2. Installing an auxiliary input selector which lets me play audio through the stereo from other sources

  3. Replaced the interior speakers with some 3 way Sony speakers.

  4. Rigged up some auxiliary 4 way 6x9 speakers for the outside big screen theater system I connected them to an A/B switch so I can select between them and the factory installed outside speakers that are mounted in the outside wall of the RV.

  5. Installed an infrared repeater so I can operate the stereo from outside via the stereo’s infrared remote.

  6. Added a cheap $40 compact DVD player from Wal-Mart.

  7. Replaced the 1000 watt power inverter/charging system with a 2000 watt inverter.

The first operation of the system proved to be all that I expected it to be!!  Fortunately we were camped so the speakers pointed away from other campers, who were about 100 yards away from us on the other side of our rigs, so noise disturbing them with the loud volume was not an issue at Naches.  We watched a movie each night we were camped.  The big screen system consisted of a twin size bed sheet strung over a rope (this was the projection screen) and the projector was an LCD projector I bought from Costco… well, actually is was more like “borrowed from Costco” because after the trip I returned it  because it wasn’t bright enough to suit my needs.  Gotta love their “no questions asked, way too liberal” return policy!!  I plugged the DVD player video out into the projector and the audio out into the stereo’s aux input selector, and voila!! Instant campground entertainment!!

Let's get on to the ride reports…
Thursday morning arrived with plenty of sunshine so Jeff and myself geared up and headed up trail 948 to the 1388 (Manastash Ridge trail)  We stopped for a few photo ops along the way and continued west on the 1388 trail and eventually caught with a father and son riding team who asked us about getting to Mt Clifty.  I pointed them to the new trail that led up Clifty and we soon followed.  I have a new cell phone that has a camera built in and used it to email a photo to Kjell who was at work and was to join us later that evening.  After several photos and a phone call or two, and plenty of moments enjoying the view, we made our way back to 1388 and continued west to the end near Blowout Mountain.  We took the main trail down off the ridge that hooked us up with the road in the valley and eventually made our way back to camp. 

Kjell arrive sometime before dark.  After dinner we geared up for another movie and campfire.

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