2002 2500HD LT
with TTT Mirrors

The fine print: I didn't wire the mirrors per the instructions because I wanted the forward facing clearance/marker lights to be "always on".  Wiring different than the instruction is done at your own risk.  The information here is for informational purposes only and not meant as a replacement for reading and following the instructions.
Completed Project.

The mirror LED modules look really nice.  I wired them so they are "always on".

I also have three Model 19 style clear lens/amber LED lights mounted to the license plate which compliment the mirror LEDs quite nicely.
I sort of have this addiction to LEDs


Close up of driver's side. This shows the forward facing marker LEDs.  The are four more LEDs that face rearward for turn signal function.

One feature I really like is that the LED turn signal lights can't be seen when seated in the front seat, so they don't present a distraction to the driver when they blink.


Turn signal LED
Faint illumination can be seen from the rear of truck
 when the front mounted LED marker lights are on.
This is a close up of the door and mirror.
  I had rain vents on the doors which had to be removed.

 The small vertical line on the door, just above the mirror is where the paint was rubbed off by the rain vent, this was the lower end of the rain vent, and it had a small lip which tucked in behind the factory mirror.

I thought I could reform the rain vent with a heat gun, but when I loose fit the mirror, I saw that there was probably no way I could reform that much material of the rain vent and also have it tucked behind the mirror like it originally was, so I removed the vents and will reinstall them later.  This may not be a problem with other brands of rain visors.  I have "Vent Visor" brand, which are the most widely available brand in the northwest.  The gap between the door sheet metal and the new mirrors is much smaller than with the factory mirrors.

Also worth noting, the original mirrors on the truck were the standard, non towing style.

To get the "always on" function of the marker LEDs, I routed the two yellow wires into the driver's side electrical center.  I tapped them into a fuse that supplies power only while the ignition is on, so the marker LEDs are on whenever the truck is running.

Disregard all of the loose wires seen here (the bundle of blue wire, the small gauge green and red wires that come out of that telephone style cable. Your truck won't have them.)  These extra wires are for other accessories I have on the truck.

old iron

new iron


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