My 1994 DR 350 SE(R)

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I don't normally ride with all that gear on the rear rack, but this photo was taken while I was prepping the bike for a week long trip.  A group of 8 rode from Couer D'Alene, ID to Glacier National park and back to Couer D'Alene.  Most of the trip was off highway travel.  We covered 950 miles in 5 days.  What a blast!!

After I removed all my good parts off the 94, this is what it looks like.  I installed the removed parts onto the 97 model that I bought in April 2000.  I sold this bike in June of 2000.

nav1.jpg (10030 bytes) nav3.jpg (7268 bytes)
The cockpit of my 94 DR.  Moose Roll chart holder attached to left side of cross bar.  12v power outlet attached to right turn signal, used to power my helmet cam video camera.  Cheap wristwatch on right side near controls.  Dual Star's navigator map pack. I carry maps, camera, tire gauge and other small essentials that I need quick access to in this pack. Front view of Navigator map pack.  The pack slips down over the headlight shroud and is secured to the forks with two straps that are equipped with quick release buckles.  These straps can be seen in the photo, on each side of the headlight. 



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