2002 DR-Z400S - BLUE!!

Baja Designs LED tail light Cycra handguards (coming soon)
Buddy Peg removal ProMoto Billet rack and saw carrier (coming soon)
Bent Bars Starter button mod
Bling Bling!! Upgrade progress photos, Yellow to Blue conversion

Build Sheet


For about three weeks, the bike was in the dining room.
WHY is the bike in the house?  So it's in a warm
 location where I can work on it without freezing my hands and feet!
The first batch of parts arrived: Tank, new white side covers, new shifter, new CS sprocket, new grips (to go along with the grip heaters) and hand guards.

My initial plan was to replace the yellow side covers with white to give the bike a different appearance - it being ALL yellow was just TOO MUCH yellow.  Andy and I traded yellow for white headlight shrouds too.

A week later, the color plan changed completely when Andy found a complete set of blue bodywork (minus the headlight shroud) at a swap meet.

Red radiator guards would compliment the blue bodywork much better than yellow.  I ordered red just to be "different." I also received ANOTHER new shifter and some.

My DRZ is finally blue, and it only cost $31.00 to make the color change!