Doodad Doug's doodad list
(2002 DR-Z400S Build Sheet)


Vendor or Brand

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  Part number Price
Must have items listed in BOLD        
Devol Racing Skid Plate can be purchased or ordered locally      
Lite Guard   20-01036 $12.95
Handelbar mirrors   38-00000-00 $16.95 x 2
Cycra Hand Guards        
Moose Long shift lever don't buy this locally unless the dealer ASSURES you it is the MOOSE lever.... it's usually special order from local shops.
Moose part number is SU-13L
70-0002 $21.95
Heated Grip kit + accessories   20-10001 $29.95 +
heatshrink and grip glue
Replacement grips for use with grip heaters   #737 black: 21-05109 $7.95

Pirelli MT21 front tire

Dunlop D606 rear tire

  Cycle Gear or order online from various places. Possibly SB Motorsports - I am checking prices there.   about $150 + around $20 for heavy duty tubes
IMS Super Stock foot pegs   Makes riding while standing up (trails, etc) much more comfortable to your feet.    
Optional items        
Buddy peg eliminator Use this if you want to jettison the passenger footpegs.    
LED tail light / drop down fender use this if you want to get rid of the huge and heavy rear fender, tail light and factory blinkers. Also requires the addition of some aftermarket blinkers and pigtail wiring for "plug and play" installation of blinkers. 60-0709 $59.95
RAM & Touratech GPS mounts     $130+
Navigator Map Pack   see web site for various colors and item numbers $54.95
Rear luggage rack     159.95
Locking rear axle nut   20-39123 $6.95