2002 DR-Z400S - LED tail light

Baja Designs LED tail light Cycra handguards (coming soon)
Buddy Peg removal ProMoto Billet rack and saw carrier (coming soon)
Bent Bars Starter button mod
Bling Bling!! Upgrade progress photos, Yellow to Blue conversion

Build Sheet


Step one was to remove the existing "wheel bar"
 fender extension and tail light assembly
I reinstalled the rear fender and sandwiched the Baja Desgins
 assembly between the sub frame and OEM fender
My idea was to mount the fender so the tail light
 was completely tucked under the OEM fender.  This photo doesn't
 show that very well because of the camera flash.
I pulled the OEM fender off again and then proceeded
 to mark where I would trim the Baja Designs Fender.
Markings where I would cut the fender.  My goal was to leave the front of the fender in place so I could mount it to the cross member using the mount holes from the OEM tool bag which is now in the dumpster.
Trimmed fender.  What I later did was chop off the front section of the
 fender so it ends at the forward edge of the sub frame cross member.
This is looking at the inside of the left side of the fender, with the light to the left.

At this point I had done a lot of trimming of the fender and forgot
 to photograph the progress.  This shows I trimmed along the bend
 of the fender for a distance of about 1.5 inches, then the trimming went up higher on the fender.  The end result was that I wish I would not have trimmed as much of the fender beyond the 1.5 inch trimming described above - I trimmed to high up on the fender.

This shows the outside of the right side of the fender, notice my
markings where the OEM fender's mount tab would be situated.

In the end, Andy cut a notch just above the bend in the fender so the OEM fender's mount tab would be on the inside of the Baja Designs fender as shown below.

Andy drilled a hole in the Baja Design fender and used the
 factory hardware to bolt the two fenders together.
I might go to the hardware store and pick up some low
profile button head screws to give this a more finished look.
We don't need no stinkin' warning labels!!

Andy made quick work of decal removal with the heat gun.