2002 DR-Z400S - Starter button mod

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Bent Bars Starter button mod
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Build Sheet


The Magic button's circuit board can crack if subjected to excessive force when pushing the button.  The circuit board does not have support behind the location where the button is - see the red circle.

The board can crack along the small bracket that holds it in the housing - see red arrow.  This switch design dates back to the days of the DR350SE model, possibly earlier.  The circuit board broke on my 1994 DR350SE. 

My low tech method of providing more support behind the circuit board is to stuff a chunk of paper towel or napkin between the wires and the circuit board and force it in there for a tight fit.

I've noticed the '06 DRZ S / SM models are using a totally different switch assembly. It is probably designed better and not subject to the problem described above.