Auxiliary Fuse block

WIth the plethora af accessories we add to our Jeeps, we need an auxiliary power source to run all of our doodads.

This fuse block has a ground bus at the top right corner. I mounted it in the passenger foot well, since this location provides the shortest route to the battery.

So far, I've got the S-pod switch feed (brown wire), onboard-air compressor (green) and GPS (stubby wire with secondary inline fuse) connected to this fuse block.

Power is supplied with a 10AWG red wire

Power is routed through a 30 amp breaker that I mounted to
the bracket that holds the OEM underhood electrical center.
I routed a 10AWG wire from the ground buss on the fuse block out through the firewall and secured it to other wire bundles in the engine bay. I connected it to an existing grounding point on the firewall.

The new wire is the one wrapped in split loom.