Installation of 1157 LED tail light bulbs

The LED unit shown above is an 1156, 1157 is the same design


Q. Why LED?

A. Brighter, longer lasting, impervious to shock and vibration

Where can I get these?

Remove the lens and the old school incandescent bulb, insert the 1157 LED

Here's a close-up of the 1157 LED
There are 3 LEDs on the tip, and 5 columns of 2 LEDs around the perimeter, for 360 degrees of illumination.

This style of LED replacement 1157 is the only style that really is effective at providing proper illumination in a fixture designed for incandescent bulbs because it radiates light 360 degrees.

It uses "wide angle" LEDs to enhance the light pattern

A red LED is the only color LED that will work properly behind a RED lens. If you use a white LED behind a red lens, very little light from the white LED will show through the red lens.

Comparison photo, tail lights ON (not brake lights)

The right tail light has the newly installed LED in it. Left tail light still uses the old school incandescent bulb.