Installation Superlift Truspeed

Step one was to route the wires from the Truspeed down to the transfer case.

The Truspeed wires can be connected to the appropriate wires at teh computer on the firewall, but doing so requires unravelling a huge bundle of wires, then triple and qquadruple checking to be sure you cut the correct wire.

I chose to cut and splice down at the transfer case to eliminate the chance of error.

I wrapped the wire in split loom then fished it down the firewall and through the transmission tunnel and over the top of the t-case.


The Rubicon uses an electronic sensor to generate the speed signal. On my model year, we cut the brown wire and plced in the yellow and green from the the Truspeed unit.

Here you can see that the green wire goes to the brown speed sensor wire on the t-case and the yellow wire goes to the brown wire that runs up to the computer.


Wire secured in split loom

Truspeed unit has been velcroed in the glove box area.